There's more than just Film Junk... Edit

There are currently two active spin-offs of Film Junk - Game Junk and Ball Junk. Throughout the years there have been more, which you can read about below.

Game Junk Episode Guide

Ball Junk Episode Guide

Past Spin-Offs Edit

Cantankerous Edit

Cantankerous was a show hosted by Jay and Reed Farrington. Created to focus more on the side topics that would arise on Film Junk when Reed appeared as a guest. The podcast was described as "One 28 year old Caucasian male. One 45 year old Asian male. 73 years of cantankery." The show debuted in 2007 and ended in 2011. There were 13 episodes.

Episode # Date Discussion Notes
001 December 7, 2007 Friendship Reed finds out about the shuttle columbia disaster; almost four years after the fact.
002 February 28, 2008 Audience Participation Jay and Reed are still trying to figure out what the hell it is they plan to make of this podcast.
003 August 8, 2008 Shopping and Eating Habits Guest: Sean. 'Cooking With Gerry' was released along with this episode.
004 December 24, 2008 The Christmas Special Guest: Tomas Bajuk. Fishing With Tom / Cantankerous crossover special.
005 February 12, 2009 Living Below the Poverty Line Guest: Sean. Special Video Podcast. Jay pitches the idea of a video tour of Reed's house.
006 April 26, 2009 Midnight to Six Man
007 May 11, 2009 Reed's House - A Video Tour A special video edition of Cantankerous with Jay and Sean providing a tour of Reed's house.
008 August 12, 2009 Obsessive Compulsive Frugality
009 October 18, 2009 Watermelon Popsicles
010 April 12, 2010 Second Annual Holiday Episode Jay and Reed's shopping trip to New York.
011 August 17, 2010 My Rifle, My Pony and Me
012 August 24, 2010 Friend or Foe?
013 April 8, 2011 Dummy Wallet Reed explains why he didn't attend the Beauty Day premiere in New York.

Fishing With Tom Edit

Debuting in early 2006, Fishing With Tom didn’t actually revolve around fishing. The format of the show involved Sean and Jay sitting down with their good friend Tom to take on some of life’s great mysteries by telling personal stories and pondering the hows and whys, rather than the whos and whats. Only five episodes were released throughout 2006, followed by a video special in 2008.

Robots and Flying Cars Edit

"Where science fact meets science fiction." Robots and Flying Cars was a video podcast hosted by Sean and Reed Farrington. It was more of a "conversational podcast than hard science". Only one episode was produced, which went under the title Episode #0: Robot Olympics. You can still watch it on youtube here.

The Boardroom Edit

The Film Junk podcast could not contain the discussion and fierce debate over NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Debuting in 2015, The Boardroom focuses on re-caps of the latest episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. Season 1 of the podcast consisted of 8 episodes and revolved around Season 8 of the hit Donald Trump reality show.

There had been hints on the FJ podcast that there would more episodes of The Boardroom, to coincide with the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. However, this changed once Trump left the series. Season 9 featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host and was the final edition of Celebrity Apprentice.